Hello there, fam! We’ve got something big brewing and to say we’re thrilled to the moon and back would be an understatement. As Denver’s favorite spot for everything cannabis – “The Center” is embarking on a journey of evolution. With this transformation comes a renewed dedication to our community of cannabis enthusiasts.

Our Commitment to Quality at The Center Cannabis Dispensary

Firstly, we continue to stand tall on our commitment to ‘small-batch flower‘ and ‘concentrate offerings‘. We want your experience with cannabis to be nothing less than phenomenal, so just know that we’ll still put nothing but the highest quality selections on our shelves. Yes, our location has changed, but our unwavering dedication to being your reliable cannabis hook-up will always remain the same.

An Unbeatable Value Proposition

We’ve always prided ourselves on offering quality cannabis products that don’t break the bank. We operate with the philosophy that every adult should have access to quality cannabis, regardless of their budget. Therefore, we’re all about making sure that our offerings are as affordable as they are top-notch. So, whether you are a student, a neighborhood regular, or just someone who appreciates good weed on a budget, our doors (and our jars) are always open for you.

Creating a Friendly Atmosphere

What’s more, at The Center, we’re not just a store – we’re a community. We strive to create an atmosphere where every cannabis enthusiast, aficionado, or newbie will feel welcomed and comfortable. Whether you’re a long time shopper or a new face, we want The Center to feel like home.

Keeping The Excitement Alive

Get ready to see more updates as we settle into our new location. This transformation, while exciting, comes with its set of challenges – both for us and our longtime customers. No matter our location, we will continue to deliver the same quality and service you’ve come to expect. Not to mention, our evolution is sure to bring some exciting new products, perks, and events. Keep your eyes peeled on our website and social media channels so you don’t miss out on the latest developments.

At “The Center,” it’s ultimately all about you, our community of diverse cannabis customers. As we evolve, rest assured that our core mission — to provide quality cannabis and outstanding service in a warm, welcoming environment — will never waver. So let’s go, come embrace this evolution together!

Get To Know Our Fabulous Featured Cannabis Brands at The Center

We’re all about quality here at The Center, which means we only stock the very best of the best! Meet some of our featured brands — each one unique, all committed to cannabis excellence:

Soiku Bano

Meet Soiku Bano – one of the few “don’t miss” companies in the industry. With a perfect blend of knowledge and passion, they are the benchmark by which all other rosin manufacturers are measured. 


Let us introduce you to iion, a brand known for their innovation, genetic lineup, and expertly cured flower. Few in the game can match their consistency and dedication to quality.

Green Dot Labs

The gold standard for quality, Green Dot Labs, the mavens of premium extracts and absolutely fire flower. Their commitment to quality and purity ensures you’re only getting the best from both their lab and their farm.

Locol Love

Fall in Locol Love with these Boulder-based cannabis cultivators and breeders. Known for their superior quality and variety, they put out some of the best flower and infused prerolls available in Colorado.


Always on point, the team at Lazercat will have you melting into your couch. Specializing in solventless extracts, they’re dedicated to bringing you the very best.

710 Labs

When you speak of passion, you have to give a nod to 710 Labs, the geniuses known for organically sourced rosin. No additives, no frills, just pure, unadulterated goodness. If concentrates are your thing, let us familiarize you with one of the OGs.

Boulder Built

Last, but certainly not least, meet Boulder Built – a brand that embodies Colorado’s rich cannabis heritage. They serve the high-end consumer who demands the best in cannabis flower.

So there you have it — a quick snapshot of our featured brands! These trusted partners are all about quality, variety, and ensuring an unbeatable cannabis experience for you. So, drop by, explore, and let’s hit highs together at The Center!

Buckle Up for a Thrilling Journey at The Center Cannabis Dispensary

With plenty of new updates on the horizon, we invite you to be part of this next phase of the journey. Stay tuned to our website and follow our social media profiles to catch all the latest happenings, new products, and events at The Center. This is just the beginning, and as always, we’re committed to making our dispensary your go-to spot for top-notch cannabis products and service.

From all of us at The Center, thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. Prepare for higher experiences and bolder flavors as we extend our reach into a new neighborhood and continue to define what cannabis culture means in the city of Denver.

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