Here at The Center dispensary, we are dedicated to not only being your go-to spot for all your cannabis needs, but also serving as your guide while you navigate the world of cannabis. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to just a few of our exceptional vendors who consistently deliver top-quality cannabis products. Follow along as we explore what makes Soiku Bano, iion Cannabis, Locol Love, and Green Dot Labs stand out in the cannabis industry.

Soiku Bano

Soiku Bano operates as a tightly-knit family, where every member plays a crucial role in producing exceptional cannabis products. Collaboration and dedication are the cornerstones of their approach. In contrast to vertically integrated businesses, Soiku Bano specializes in producing high-quality solventless hash, cold cure rosin, soi sauce, and solventless cartridges; we seriously cannot get enough of them!


If you are strictly interested in clean, organic products that are solvent-free, they’re the ones for you. By maintaining partnerships with carefully selected flower cultivators, they ensure access to the finest raw materials for their products. As a small, family-run operation, they prioritize quality, consistency, and community engagement. Therefore, they understand the importance of producing small-batch products that cater to connoisseurs. 


iion Cannabis

iion Cannabis embodies the quintessence of nature’s gifts, harmonizing age-old cultivation wisdom with cutting-edge cannabis science. Standing true to the mantra, “it’s in our nature,” the team at iion cultivates a connection between the earth’s nourishment and the ultimate cannabis experience. With a passionate commitment to genetic innovation, they breed unique cultivars in-house, creating a menagerie of exotic strains that boast robust, pungent terpene profiles destined to leave a lasting impression.

With a dedication to excellence, each plant is nurtured until it reaches its zenith, with harvesting times dictated by meticulous microscopic analysis, ensuring peak perfection. After harvest, the bar-setting dedication to quality continues with a slow cure to preserve delicate terpenes, and finished off with a mindful hand trim (allowing the true shape and intricate contours of the flower to be presented to the customer). 

This painstaking process ensures that each plant reaches its full potential, and each bud is untainted by machinery — allowing iion to offer a pure, unadulterated product. With iion Cannabis, consumers are invited to partake in a journey that is not only about enjoying cannabis but celebrating the natural artistry and potent essence that is truly in their nature.

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Locol Love

Locol Love’s story is one of transformation, driven by an unwavering passion for cannabis and a commitment to making a positive impact. When others saw risk arise in the industry, the Locol Love owners saw an opportunity to shift perspectives and create revolutionary change. Each member of their team is fully dedicated to creating exceptional products through a deep-seated love for breeding, cultivating, and harvesting new cannabis strains. 


What really sets Locol Love apart is their ability to produce excellence – day in and day out. Many wonder how they consistently maintain this high level of quality and variety, and the answer is simple: hard work, meticulous attention to detail, and a daily dose of love. We hear this feedback from our customers and it’s one of the many reasons we always keep shelf space for their products.


Their offerings include high-quality boutique strains of flower and prerolls, and they continuously introduce new flavors to the market. As a certified 303 seeds breeder and distributor, their mountain-grown, superior-quality seeds, clones, flower, and trim have become a benchmark for the industry.


Green Dot Labs

Green Dot Labs has earned its reputation as a pioneering force in Colorado’s cannabis cultivation and extraction. As a family-owned business established in 2014 by a Boulder-based couple, Alana and Dave Malone, they are deeply committed to creating pure and high-quality cannabis extracts. 


Their in-house Black Label collection features over 150 rare and exclusive varieties, offering a diverse range of flavors and effects. You’ll be sure to find their premium flower, cartridges, and concentrates on our dispensary shelves. Lastly, we find their dedication to cultivating top-tier cannabis genetics and their commitment to sustainable practices have made them a standout choice for cannabis enthusiasts.


Choosing Which Product To Purchase Next from The Center

At The Center, we are proud to showcase these four exceptional vendors, each with its unique approach to providing the best cannabis products available. Soiku Bano, iion, Locol Love, and Green Dot represent the epitome of quality, purity, and innovation in the cannabis industry. But we know you might be thinking…which one should you choose next?

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We hinted at some pointers throughout the blog, but the best way to choose your next product is by stopping into our location now at 600 S Broadway. Come through and we’ll get into the details of your unique needs and preferences to guide you on choosing a product that is just right for you

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